About Soul Being™


The Soul Being community was founded in 2017 with the intention of uniting wellness professionals working toward the same ends, sometimes even on the same patients, in a historically siloed industry.

Today, our mission has expanded to also connect the wellness professional community with the clients that they can best serve. We are passionate about partnering with insurance providers and administrators to facilitate preventative healthcare and educate all healthcare consumers about the many options available to them to improve their wellness.

Our method involves utilizing existing HSA funds and allocated wellness dollars to finance traditional and alternative health services to promote optimum health. We believe that for any given health goal, the best possible outcome can be reached through the combination of a variety of specialized approaches, and we want to help you discover the perfect formula for your specific needs.

Whether you are seeking to combat a certain symptom, condition or disease, or you simply want to improve your overall wellbeing, Soul Being will:

  • Connect you with qualified and vetted providers in your neighborhood with specialized expertise in your areas of interest
  • Offer personalized recommendations to accomplish your specific health goals
  • Generate necessary documentation for compliance
  • Help facilitate the exchange of services for the funds you’ve already accrued in your HSA account
  • Provide physician support for recommended services and Letters of Medical Necessity for appropriate services for your preventative health goals

We are called Soul Being because we believe preventative healthcare is equal parts body, mind, heart, and soul. With access to our staff of medical professionals and an extensive network of vetted healthcare providers, we are the convenient and holistic solution to preventative health for you and your employees.

Our Team
Marteen Santerre
Colleen Kavanagh

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