Christine Routhier

Psychotherapy Services of CT, LLC

45 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT, USA


I am committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of psychotherapy care possible. I provide a safe place for you to question and explore what is effective and what is not effective in your life. I discuss ways to make the changes necessary for you to accomplish a happier and more rewarding life. I am here to guide, educate, challenge and support you in your process. I use a variety of methods to help you on your journey in life. Thus therapy can give you an increased sense of overall wellness and well being. Therapy, like life, is an opportunity for you to grow and develop into the person you hope to become. Each and every experience that you go through in your life provides you with the opportunity to learn about yourself.

Business Overview
Psychotherapy Services Helps you to learn how to focus on your strengths. Teaches you ways in how to reduce your stress. Support you in learning how to relax. Teach you how to make a connection between your body, mind and spirit. Thus therapy can give you an increased sense of overall wellness

Monday thru Friday 11am to 8pm

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Addiction, Anxiety, Couples Counseling, Depression, Mental health, Relationship Counseling, Self Care, Wellness, Women
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