Agnieszka Monsen

Rainglow Holistic Healing

268 Wiscasset Road, Whitefield, ME, USA


My love of Nature, led me to the study of Natural Healing Arts, instilled environmental awareness, and deepened my bond with the plant and animal kingdoms. Since early childhood to this day, Nature is an all-pervading presence in my life, and my work, in its essence, is about bringing others back in tune with Nature. As a result, they not only get better and heal physically, but develop a deeper connection with themselve and those around them, a transformation that is truly wonderful to behold.

Ayurveda in a truly holistic fashion encompasses all levels of life – the Mind, Body and Soul, and combines the knowledge and benefits of many different natural therapies to create a healing plan best suited to the individual. In this way, we can consciously and effectively rebalance and nurture ourselves by tailoring diet, lifestyle, and natural treatments to our body type and type of imbalance. This is what I would love to help you with!

Business Overview
I offer Ayurvedic Health Consultations & Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Training, Intuition Development Skills & Reiki. If you are wondering if Ayurveda is the right fit for you, or have questions about other services, and would like to learn more, I offer a free Initial Consultation online via Skype/Zoom or in person at my healing room in Whitefield, Maine.

Via email or Website.

Talk to Agnieszka About These Specialty Areas
Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Auto-Immune Diseases, Blood Pressure/Hypertension, Depression, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Heart Conditions, High Cholesterol, IBS, Insomnia, Meditation, Memory Loss, Migraines, Nutrition, PMS/ Menstrual Health, Stress, Weight Management
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