Bambi Thompson

Bambi Thompson, LLC

Bath, ME 04530, USA


Bambi Thompson, is a transformational speaker and “Brain Coach” for success acceleration and anxiety transformation. She is also an independant consultant and District Manager with Arbonne. She’s the co-founder of the Corporate Unicorn’s Women’s Success Summit in Maine, co-author of Dare to Be Authentic, and the former producer and host of Power Me Up Radio on the Amazing Women of Power Network. Bambi combines her background as an Occupational Therapist with her knowledge of brain science, non-medication anxiety solutions, metaphysics, energy medicine, and the Law of Attraction to revolutionize her clients for success, to transcend limitation, optimize performance, and activate personal power. She healed herself of debilitating panic disorder and finds her joy in bringing power, confidence, and freedom to others.

Business Overview
Bambi Thompson, known as The "Mind Whisperer", teaches you how to be the mute button for your mind and the acceleration switch for your success. Bambi is a non-medication anxiety specialist who teaches success-oriented women how to leverage neuroscience, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to transcend limitation, and achieve more with less effort and more joy.

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