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Maine Kids Yoga

251 Danforth Street, Portland ME 04102


Cayce discovered yoga while studying Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She began yoga, as most people do, seeking a way to strengthen and tone her muscles. After a few months of practicing, she noticed herself carrying less stress, feeling happier, and being able to view the world around her more clearly. In a word, yoga made her feel whole. Nearly a decade later, Cayce found a way to combine her life's greatest passions by becoming a certified children's yoga instructor Through ChildLight Yoga, based in Dover, NH. She began integrating yoga into her preschool classroom's daily routine and got to experience the benefits of yoga on young children first hand. Soon parents started to notice the positive effects as well. They urged Cayce to offer classes on the weekends, and Maine Yoga Kids took off from there. In addition to her children's certification, Cayce is also a graduate of Sonic

Business Overview
Maine Kids Yoga started in 2013 when a preschool teacher discovered that she could combine her life's greatest joys: practicing yoga and working with children. That teacher, Cayce Lannon, has worked with young people in a variety of capacities since 2005 and has been practicing yoga for just about as long. She became a certified children's yoga instructor in May of 2013 and immediately began sharing the joy she found in yoga with the children and families at the school where she worked. She quickly realized that there was a great need for children's yoga in the area, so she started Maine Kids Yoga and began to offer more classes in various locations around Portland.

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