Corrie Marinaro

New England Naturopathic Health

179 Main Street, Waterville, ME, United States


Dr. Corrie Marinaro is the owner and Medical Director of New England Naturopathic Health on downtown Waterville's Main Street. She specializes in treating chronic infections, endocrine and autoimmune disorders and mental health disorders for both adults and pediatrics. She believes in patient-centered, individualized medicine, patient-education and working with patients to establish optimal self-care for mind and body.

Business Overview
NENH is located in a beautiful, therapeutic space with lots of natural light in one of Waterville's historic preservation projects, the Professional Building. We specialize in chronic infections, endocrine disorders and mental health disorders, utilizing such modalities as nutrition, therapeutic self-care, detoxification, herbal and neutraceutical medicines and ozone therapies.

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