Danielle Kroot

Starting Line PT and Performance

49 Dartmouth Street, Portland, ME, USA and 60 Gray Road Falmouth ME


Dr. Danielle is a physical therapist, running and triathlon coach. Since graduating from Sacred Heart University where she earned both her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Exercise Science she has worked to develop her skills in manual therapy, dry needling, strength and conditioning, and pain management. Dr.Danielle takes pride in treating her patients, both runners and non-runners, with a personalized and evidence based approach depending on their needs and goals. Her multifaceted approach to guiding individuals in the right direction incorporates education on load management, manual therapy, warm-up and cool down essentials, strength training, and task specific drills . It is important to Dr.Danielle that YOU understand that YOU will play a role in YOUR recovery. You will work as a team to reach YOUR goals. She will provide YOU with the tools to succeed but it will be up to YOU to put them to work.

Business Overview
Dedicated to returning endurance athletes to participating in the sports they love. Our services are rooted in passion, education, and personalized care. Our number goal is to fulfill yours by getting you to your next Starting Line. Our core values include Autonomy, Compassion, Education, and a Multifaceted approach. Regardless if you are a runner or not, YOU deserved individualized care!
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Arthritis, Headaches, Health, Migraines, Pain Management, Wellness
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