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2 Main St. Ste #18-120, Biddeford, ME 04005


Dr. Aline Potvin is a Naturopathic Doctor, herbalist, health educator, blogger, and nature guide. Her love of working with patients in her family health practice in Biddeford, ME is only surpassed by her deep desire to educate and support families to become independently healthy. Inspired by personal experience and desire to help others improve their quality of life, she currently works primarily with women experiencing autoimmune disease and chronic digestive issues. In her practice, she uses nature and body awareness/connection, herbs, nutritional changes, genetic counseling, and intuitive work to support them. She teaches a multitude of community classes in herbalism, foraging, nature connection, and restorative self-care. She also does intuitive consulting and is an adjunct anatomy instructor for the College of Graduate and Professional studies at the University of New England in Portland, Maine.

Business Overview
Your Own Wellness is the place to get reintroduced to your own rhythm and way of being. Dr. Potvin's focus is Naturopathic care for women with autoimmune disease and chronic digestive issues. Stress Management and restorative care for caregivers. Mindfulness Walks and Guided Nature Excursions. Health Education, Private Speaking Engagements, and Community Classes. Herbal Apprenticeship.

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Auto-Immune Diseases, Crohn's Disease, IBS, Skin Conditions
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