Edana Spicker


17 Oakdale Street, Boston, MA 02130


As a certified holistic life + career coach I am skilled at helping people do whatever it takes to clarify and reach their goals. Here's what some of my private and workshop clients have to say:

• "I've said this several times and I'll say it again; you've really been a tremendous help to me on my professional journey. I really wonder where I'd be mentally and in my career if I hadn't met you. I am just so grateful for your presence in my life!"
• "It helped me to see where I am and where I want to be."
• "I walked away with more confidence."
• "I realized I need to present an authentic view of myself."
• "I have tangible next steps and ways to take control of my path."

I collaborate with my clients to:
• wipe away the cobwebs of self-doubt and inaction
• build a foundation of self-awareness
• clarify and achieve personal and professional goals
• manage uncertainty or inspire change
• quiet negative self-talk
• recognize and embrace

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