Lynne Couchara

Elite Hypnosis and Wellness

3202 Henderson Boulevard, Suite 100a Tampa, FL 33609


I am the founder of Elite Hypnosis and Wellness, and Elite Sports Hypnosis in Tampa, FL. Prior to starting these organizations, I held senior level positions in mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Telecommunications. Throughout my years in corporate positions, I became aware of the stress many people were under, and how these impacted their health and well-being. What was most notable was that many people were not enjoying their lives, and that they were working just for a paycheck. Motivated to help people realize there in fact are other ways of living and being, I pursued education in yoga, hypnosis, meditation and NLP.

Today, I help people with challenges such as managing anxiety, changing unhelpful habits, and shifting perceptions of external events. I also help elite and professional athletes with the mental aspects of sports performance, and lecture at various orthopedic and sports medicine conferences.

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