Emily Getchell, Health Coach and Financial Wellness Coach

Delivering Holistic Wellness

22 Harborview Dr, Yarmouth, ME, USA


I have always had a strong passion for the field of health and wellness, specifically with how the body heals itself naturally. Growing up, I trained in dance and yoga, studied the mind body connection, and learned as much as I could about healthy eating and mindfulness. When I was expecting my first child in 2011, my interest in studying the intricacies of pregnancy and postpartum became a focus of interest which led me to pursue doula training and health coaching certification.
I have been a financial advisor for 13 years and enjoy bringing that expertise to my coaching, as I educate my clients to successfully manage their money with confidence. I work with women, of all ages and seasons of life, who are looking for support, accountability, financial guidance and relevant, real advice.

Business Overview
Delivering Holistic Wellness specializes in educating and empowering women to feel in control of their health so that they can focus on what lights them up personally and professionally. This includes their physical health, and also their financial wellbeing and stability. We focus on the ways that financial confidence can improve overall health and happiness.

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Financial Wellness, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Self Care, Stress, Women
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