Erica Whiting

Boost Being

Boost Being (practicing out of Saco Healing Arts), 209 Main St, Saco, ME, USA


Hello, my name is Erica Whiting, I started my practice, Boost Being, because I enjoy practicing the wellness modalities that personally helped me the most in my search for a better state of being despite many years of chronic illness. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to others being able to explore, experience and find wellness modalities that may benefit them as they have me.

I practice three modalities: Homeopathy, Reiki and Attunement. Each one, individually or in conjunction with each other, support one's own natural ability to heal and be well. I especially enjoy teaching others Reiki with encouragement to explore the practice of Reiki as part of their regular self care regimen.

I received Reiki Master Teacher training from Libby Barnett, four years of Homeopathy practitioner training from Baylight Center for Homeopathy and Attunement practitioner training from Baylight Center for Homeopathy.

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