Heather Rae, INHC

The Wellness Spot

220 Front Street, Richmond, ME, USA


Heather Rae is a functional genomic analyst and health coach, informed by chiropractic, traditional naturopathy, and functional, environmental and energetic medicine. Her practice ... embraces the healing of mind, body and spirit; focuses on the balance of the autonomic nervous system and underlying function, not on treating symptoms or disease; and respects the current wealth of scientific knowledge outside the allopathic model.
Spurred by frustrations in finding answers to her own health issues, Heather spent over six years studying root causes of dysfunction. It all began when she met a chiropractor, who is now her husband.
After a lot of hunting, she discovered cutting-edge Functional Genetic Analysis software which is the instrumental tool in her practice.
Heather holds degrees from Phillips Exeter Academy and Wesleyan University and certifications from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and NutriGenomic Research Institute.

Business Overview
Functional genomic analysis and health coaching, with focus on creating balance in the autonomic nervous system. For more information, please visit www.ChiroWellnessME.com and/or visit me at The Wellness Spot, my AirBnB wellness retreat at 220 Front Street in Richmond, Maine.
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