Jeannine Burgess

Energy Flow Universal

104 Portland Street, Yarmouth, ME, United States


There was never a time in Jeannine’s life when she wasn’t creating. Artistic expression was always encouraged in a family that was not shy to things of this nature. For a time Jeannine identified herself solely as an artist. She knew with absolute certainty that this was what she wanted to do. Just like her parents before her, however, she soon discovered that there were many other areas of study and interest which held her attention as equally as art. She soon found herself immersed in expressions of the body through the study of yoga, and completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2007 through the Kripalu Center. With this transformative practice she began diving deeper into all aspects of holistic health, and science based fields such as nutrition and fitness. This opened the door to multiple fitness certifications. Jeannine completed her Bachelors degree in Health Science in 2016 at The University of Southern Maine.

Business Overview
My goal is to provide total health and wellness consulting through various methods and modalities. As an artist, one of my main approaches is to use art as a meditative tool, engaging color and shapes to tap into the power of creating. I also use holistic nutrition, plant medicine, movement and breath awareness, plus other aspects of ancient healing techniques to support whole body wellness.
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