Jenny Madden

Wondering Minds

251 Danforth Street, Portland, ME, USA


Jenny Madden is a mindfulness and movement educator for kids and the adults who love them. She earned her Masters in General Education and Museum Education, and was an elementary educator for the past 9 years. Her passion for mindfulness education stemmed from her dedication to social-emotional learning and teaching the "whole child". She taught mindfulness exercises in the classroom and observed the positive differences in emotional awareness and regulation, impulse control, communication skills, empathy, and general wellbeing of students firsthand. She recently moved to Portland from New York City and is excited to get to know and grow in this new community!

Business Overview
Mindfulness classes for groups, individuals, or families in Southern Maine. A typical mindfulness and movement class includes a variety of interactive and engaging activities. Favorites include: breathing exercises, \\\"imagination vacations\\\" (or guided meditations), yoga and stretching, storytime sessions, sensory games, creative arts activities, and other movement-based explorations.
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Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pregnancy, Stress
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