Katherine Vilnrotter

Wings of Change, LLC

662 Congress Street, Portland, ME, United States


Katherine has a diverse professional background with careers in construction, community development, finance consulting, and energy auditing over the past 10 years. While people have always been the focus of Katherine’s interests, her professional trajectory took a sharp turn in 2011 when she experienced a severe personal trauma and suffered with PTSD for several years. Her healing journey allowed Katherine to develop a deep and personal relationship with a variety of healing tools that helped her regain her center. Among these were yoga, meditation, reiki/sound, mind-body connection, and psychoeducation. Katherine is passionate about sharing the tools that helped her heal. She is Reiki II certified and is currently working towards her Human Givens Diploma with the intent to use the approach for prevention/healing of trauma and to assist in the creation of healthy communities, relationships and individuals.

Business Overview
Wings of Change provides a holistic wellness experience for anyone with any condition. By providing insight into your energetic systems in the context of practical brain science, not only will you have a deeply healing experience on the table, you will leave with practical tools for immediate use in your life. By participating in your healing process, you can take control of your own wellness!

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