Kerry McGinn, PT, DPT, RYT

Live Good, Feel Good

697 Cambridge Street #204 Brighton, MA 02135


Kerry McGinn is the owner of Live Good, Feel Good; Physical Therapy & wellness company created to help others learn to listen to their body and uplevel their performance. Kerry opened her business after seeing the gaps in modern healthcare and seeing patient after patient struggle to hit their goals. As a yoga instructor, personal trainer, Physical Therapist and lover of natural health, she fuses all of her passions to create a holistic, whole body approach to health and healing. She works with clients to incorporate movement, mobility, mindfulness and meditation in their daily lives so they can live good and feel good in their bodies, ultimately upleveling their performance in all aspects of life. Join Kerry for a yoga and mobility flow with self myofascial release aimed to help you feel good in your body, followed by a discussion on how to incorporate movement, mindfulness and mobility into your daily life in order to life good and fe

Business Overview
Live Good, Feel Good is a Physical Therapy & Wellness company.It's goal is to help you live your best life possible by harnessing the power of the mindbody connection. By learning to listening your body, optimize your mvment & improve your mobility, you will learn to live good & fell good in your body. Services include online and in person performance coaching, personal training & Physical Therapy

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