Lori Thayer

Stargate Garden Healing Center

139 Cash Street, South Portland, ME, USA


Lori Thayer is a certified reiki master trained in shamanic healing, as well as many other energy healing modalities. Lori's Interdimensional Energy Healing session combines reiki with shamanic journeying and energy realignment. Clients enjoy a state of relaxation as the practitioner offers energy balancing of the chakra system (energetic vortices in the body that affect the organs, endocrine, and hormonal functioning) applied through hands-on light touch (or above the body) therapy. Clients are fully clothed while resting on a massage table. During the healing session, the practitioner also enters into a shamanic journey to ask for beneficial messages and information that will be helpful to the client. Messages often relate to health, relationships, career, past lives, spirit guides, or close relations that have crossed over. The latter portion of the session includes spiritual counseling related to the received messages.

Business Overview
Lori offers a self-designed treatment that she calls Interdimensional Energy Healing, providing a unique combination of reiki, shamanic journeying, channeling, and spiritual counseling. Healing work is performed at a very deep soul level and a session typically runs about 2 hours. Please see www.stargategarden.com for treatment description, Lori\'s training and background, and testimonials.


Please call 413-695-0862 or email anthrothayer@gmail.com

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Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress
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