Maureen Nuccitelli, Health and Life Coach

Fast Track to Your Health

265 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA, USA


Maureen Nuccitelli has a BS in Psychology from Tufts University; is certified as a Whole Health Educator from The New England School of Whole Health Education; and is a certified Life Coach from The Fowler International Academy of Life Coaching. She has experienced chronic illness herself, but was able to find solutions through her deep research and experience and bring herself back to health. She is very compassionate and empathetic to all who are experiencing ill health but want to change their life.

Business Overview
There are 5 Dimensions to Health and Wellness: Nutritional, Physical, Emotional/Mental, Environmental and Spiritual. Let this trained professional help explore all these aspects of health with you and find your answers so you can live a life of energy and vitality!rn


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Allergies, Anxiety, Auto-Immune Diseases, Covid-19, Fatigue, Health, Menopause, Nutrition, Self Care, Stress, Thyroid Conditions, Weight Management, Wellness
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