Michael Stern, Life & Career Coach

Integral Alignment

63 Federal Street, Portland, ME, 04101


I became interested in the field human potential at the age of 16 while experiencing a deep dissatisfaction with my conventional education and upbringing. For the next 8 years I explored philosophy, psychology, spirituality, cultural immersion, and entrepreneurship in an attempt to find deeper meaning in life.

At 24 everything changed and I discovered my life's purpose - to help catalyze the next stage of human evolution. Since then, my entire life has been organized around that single intention. I committed to my own personal development, then founded Integral Alignment with a group of peers and mentors.

As I was building that business I also began working for a consulting company that delivered transformational leadership trainings to global corporate executives. That experience eventually led to my decision to start my own coaching practice, where I've been engaged full-time since 2016.

Business Overview
Get "unstuck", identify a clear path forward, overcome resistance, and confidently take action. Build healthy habits and develop the essential skills for a balanced and fulfilling life and career - full of personal meaning, social impact, financial abundance, and a lot of fun. I am passionate about working with Millennials, and anyone committed to the courageously realizing their own potential.
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