Minta Carlson

Needfire Wellness

773 Congress Street, Portland, ME, USA


Minta is an energy worker, licensed massage therapist, völva, and polarity therapist. Minta has been studying with Kari Tauring, founder of Völva Stav, a nordic tradition based on ancestral study.

Minta works at Health Resonates and Head Games in Portland, Maine, as a bodyworker and energy therapist. They lead workshops and rituals in the Greater Portland Area under their önd + skyrr series.

Minta is available for private booking and rune reading upon request. Please email for more information.

Business Overview
Needfire Wellness is committed to supporting clients in their journey through self care and igniting their core luminescence.

Please email directly for scheduling information.

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Anxiety, Entrepreneur, Life, Meditation, Relationships, Self Care, Stress, Workshop
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