Natasha Gayl

Natasha Wellness

282 Sidney St, Cambridge, MA, USA


My mission is to help you realize your potential through holistic living. By integrating the concepts of Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition, you can heal yourself naturally, bringing balance to mind, body, and soul through mindful movement and wholesome, delicious food. With my guidance, wrought from years of education and experience, you will learn to listen to your body, to heal your relationship to food, and to trust the inner wisdom of your body and spirit. Now is the time to begin your journey of self-discovery. Are you ready to become your brightest self?

Business Overview
Do you want to make a significant change in your life? Often, this means changing a habit (get more sleep, quit sugar, exercise regularly, spend more time in nature, put down devices). Habits are like the invisible architecture of daily life—research suggests that about 40 percent of our existence is shaped by our habits. I'll teach you sustainable and most of all totally doable habits.

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Acne, Allergies, Anxiety, Depression, Eczema, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Menopause, Migraines, PMS/ Menstrual Health, Skin Conditions, Sleep Apnea, Stress, Weight Management
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