Robyn Pfeffer

Healed Heart Massage

Falmouth, Maine


Having been a caregiver most of my life, I held the 'elder' population with high regards -' the forgotten race', I liked to refer them as. My understanding for the 'elders' gave me the desire to give back! I found that the smallest jesters are so graciously appreciated. Massage not only helped these 'elders' feel better in the wellness world, it also offered companionship, comfort and a sense of connection to the outside community. I offer massage at my office space and I travel to clients homes so they can experience and enjoy the benefits massage offers. I have had my own business for the past 7 years.

Business Overview
Growing up in Maine gave me the opportunity to explore the world of nature and the continuing movements of the ocean. I am fascinated by the constant movement and ever changing energies that surround our bodies. In my practice, I personalize and individualize each session according to what the body requires. I will include stretching, Myofascial release, and energy work.

Monday - Friday 9:00am til evening
weekend - optional

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