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There is a massive disconnect between what we want our health to look like (to feel great, have a lot of energy, have optimal health, awesome vitality, and skin; optimal weight) how our bodies are supposed to run and the environmental circumstances that impact our bodies negatively on a daily basis making thriving much more difficult.

The reality is if we live in an environment that’s super stressful, eat food loaded with preservatives, put unhealthy chemicals on our skin, have poor sleep etc. over time this causes a downward spiral of inflammation and oxidative stress in our body which could develop into a variety of conditions from autoimmune to thyroid to hormone disruption and other chronic conditions. Therefore it is imperative to focus on a good balance of the basic pillars of health and vitality in order to thrive!

Business Overview
I have been a nurse for over 30 yrs and have seen many people suffer the effects of Dis-ease creating chronic illness, poor sleep, stress/anxiety, etc.  After overcoming a major illness myself and actively pursuing self-development I now realize that if we don’t have a balance in the fundamentals (basic pillars of health)  (sleep, whole foods, stress relief, safe movement, healthy relationships, FUN) then we will not feel like we are the best version of ourselves.  I want to help people move from “dis-ease” to optimal health that is right for them by focusing on the basics. We all deserve to feel good and if we can improve any one of the basic pillars a hormone response will take place triggering a feeling of wellbeing and empowerment.  It is really all about empowering people to take control of their health to be the best version of themselves in a caring and non-stressful way! Attitude and mindset are important to help heal. Suggested Books- Mind over medicine/ The Fear Cure by Lisa Rankin MD    
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