Samantha Migliozzi


At the age of thirteen, I was living with a debilitating digestive issues that sent me spiraling down a path of chronic pain, anorexia, anxiety, and depression. I was so frustrated with the lack of answers I was finding in the Western medical model. As a form of pain management, I began practicing vinyasa yoga and using holistic remedies, and in a few short months I experienced life-changing relief. My well-being was restored. I was able to actually live in my body again.
This experience inspired me to become a certified yoga teacher at the age of 16. I began teaching in retreats in South America, Europe, and Asia, which deepened my interested in indigenous medicine, so I went on to obtain my degree in Alternative Medicine & various certifications in different modalities. The essential message was always this: You have the power to integrate your mind & body and to draw upon the earth to manifest your own health & well-being.

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Doula Services - Private Sessions - Group Yoga Sessions - Teen Mentorships - Henna - Holistic Therapies
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Anxiety, IBS, Pain Management, PMS/ Menstrual Health, Pregnancy, Stress, Weight Management
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