Shannon Emery

Tree of Life Awakening

85 Deerfield Rd, 2nd Floor, Portland, ME, USA


Hello, I'm Shannon, and I live in Portland, ME with my family that I am so grateful for! I enjoy dancing around my house to 90's hip hop, talking with a British accent, playing King of Tokyo, dice, and Pictionary with my son and partner, and having time for myself out in nature.
I love the work that I do! And I love my clients! Most of my clients are inspiring women ranging from business owners to bookkeepers. They need time for themselves; to decompress, find clarity, have a moment just for them, while exploring their awareness and will, path, and purpose.

Business Overview
My work is done 1:1 or distance, via phone or skype. I ask that my clients allow 90 mins, using psychosynthesis coaching for the first part of the session we will have a conversation about what is/isn\'t working in life, we may use guided visualization, imagery, or writing. Then it\'s onto the table for some body/energy work!

Tuesday and Thursday 8am - 4pm, and Saturdays from 9am - 1pm.

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