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Dr. Soumya Ganapathy MD is a physician board certified in integrative medicine and emergency medicine. She has also had training in functional medicine, massage therapy and medical acupuncture.

Dr. Ganapathy uses an evidence based integrative and state-of-the-art conventional approach to medical care that optimizes your health and wellness. She is dedicated to helping patients achieve their highest potential in wellness through a meaningful partnership with her patients.

Business Overview
At Winchester Vibrant Health, we are committed to helping you achieve your optimal health. We work together with our patients and take the time to understand the underlying causes of disease. In our practice, a multidisciplinary approach is used to evaluate, diagnose and treat our patients, utilizing the best of conventional and integrative therapies.
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Allergies, Auto-Immune Diseases, Blood Pressure/Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Weight Management
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