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Allie Armstrong is an herbalist and a functional medicine health coach. She teaches monthly workshops at Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport, ME on herbal medicine and holistic health topics. With a degree in environmental studies, Allie is especially interested in the intersection between human health and the changing environment. Working with clients, Allie helps to get at the ROOT cause of their challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. From personal experience, Allie believes in the power of plant medicine, and that connecting with plants can teach us how to heal ourselves and the planet.

My clients are willing to examine what lies beneath their symptoms, and are ready to make lasting change to become more aligned with their true nature. I work with individuals seeking help with digestion and gut health, sleep and hormonal balance, Lyme Disease & autoimmune conditions, and improving their wellbeing.

Business Overview

Using holistic modalities including nutritional and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and intuitive guidance, I help you get to and resolve the ROOT cause of your symptoms, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, to guide you towards stepping into your healthiest, most vibrant self.




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