Deborah Swinbourne


My name is Deborah Swinbourne. I am a registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist. I
have a masters degree in Human Nutrition and advanced training in Functional Nutrition. My nutrition practice is whole-person centered. I acknowledge and honor each client’s individual
biochemistry while being mindful of all the lifestyle factors that may be influencing a person’s overall sense of well-being. I act as a guide; I partner with clients to help them identify symptoms that indicate a nutritional imbalance and work with them to uncover and treat the cause(s) of those symptoms. Once we identify the cause(s), we create bio-individual sustainable solutions/plans for bringing their bodies back into nutritional balance.

Business Overview

I work with a broad range of clients including those who have struggled with hormonal imbalances (thyroid and adrenal), addiction (active and in recovery), depression, anxiety, food allergies, food sensitivities/intolerances, autoimmune disorders, and spectrum disorders.rnrnClient sessions can take place in-person,rnor a combination of email combination of phone and email, or via Skype.


9-5 Monday through Friday. Earlier or later appointments available on a need basis.

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Diabetes, Eating Disorders


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