Jennifer Moore Accredited Master Trainer for EFT Internation & Empathic Mentor

Jennifer Moore Accredited Master Trainer for EFT Internation & Empathic Mentor


Modern Medicine Lady, LLC

P.O. Box 93, Pownal ME, 04069




I believe we are innately resilient and capable of healing.
I believe true healing happens when we embrace our authentic selves warts and all.
I believe most pain is temporary. The key to moving through it is acceptance and love.
As an empathic woman I had to learn to manage my sensitivities so I could navigate the world more comfortably. My need to find calmness in the eye of life’s storms led me on my healing path. This inspired me to become a practitioner who supports others who struggle.
With over 35 years of experience as an energy healer & intuitive mentor and as creator of the Empathic Woman System, I help women to break through fear, control their abilities and master overwhelm. I teach them to recognize how being sensitive impacts their life. We work together to release blocks to confidence, productivity and sense of purpose so they can achieve greater success and make a difference about what matters to them.

Business Overview

Offering customized 1:1 programs, Professional EFT Trainings, Classes, Workshops and; Intensives. Sessions are primarily offered remotely via skype/zoom/etc or phone. Online Trainings and Live workshops and classes in the greater Portland Area.


Remote appointments via Skype/Zoom and Phone Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 1:30-7:30 PM Eastern Time
FMI visit or call 207-956-0338

Talk to Jennifer About These Specialty Areas

Alternative Healers, for exploring and dissolving emotional blocks, for pain management and other mind/body healing practices, Inner growth and exploration



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