Kali Patrick, Sleep Wellness Coach


Kali Patrick is a Sleep Wellness Coach who works virtually from Boston MA. She combines yoga therapy with health & wellness coaching to help stressed-out busy people reclaim their sleep, energy, and enthusiasm for life, without pills or products.

Business Overview

I created my practice, A Journey Into Health, in 2012 following my own experience & recovery from insomnia & burnout. Prior to this, I spent 20+ years living as a type-A perfectionist & over-achiever working in Boston-area technology companies.

I now skillfully align techniques from wellness coaching & Yoga Therapy in my 1-1 sleep wellness coaching programs. I specialize in improving sleep exclusively for ADULTS, because consistently refreshing sleep provides a solid foundation for a healthy & vibrant life.

I’m passionate about this work because traditional treatments for insomnia miss the mark; in many cases they do more harm than good. The easiest way to stay stuck is to keep chasing quick fixes, remedies, pills & products! The FASTEST fix is addressing root causes of sleep concerns, tweaking lifestyle habits, & restoring nervous system balance. HOW each person does that is their unique journey; I’m here to be your guide!


Begin your journey to more refreshing sleep by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Call.
All appointments are virtual at this time. I am available to see clients Sunday-Thursday.

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