Sherri Snyder, MA, LMHC


I weave various modalities into my psychotherapy practice, integrating the mind-body- and heart. I believe in healing the whole body, not just the “parts”. I specialize in grief and loss, anxiety and stress reduction, trauma recovery (domestic/intimate partner abuse, harassment, sexual violation etc), LBGTQ, healing relationship dynamics, healing family of origin wounds. We all have wounds… Healing is a choice. There are many paths to healing and integrating these paths is crucial to becoming whole. I am a solid clinician with over 30 years of clinical practice. In addition to providing clinical work, I taught at Lesley University in the Graduate Program (Cambridge, MA) and have provided Corporate workshops and trainings including Grief/Loss in the workplace, Managing Stress, and national/international Critical Incident Debriefings/Disruptive Event Management.rnTrained in: EMDR, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Art & Yoga Level lll.

Business Overview

I have a whole-mind/body approach to counseling and mental health. We can not treat a “part” without treating the whole. I weave in mindfulness, yogic philosophies, creative arts, and exploring beneath the surface. With over 30 years of clinical experience, I bring a solid understanding of the psyche. We will explore blocks to moving forward, and what gets in your way of joy and happiness.

I offer a variety of workshops including:
*7 Week Anxiety Reduction Program
* 8 Week Integrated Healing Journey
* 6 Week Teen Anxiety Reduction and Emotional Empowerment Workshop
* Create and Inspire (delving into the creative arts to open the heart)


Email me to request appointment. I am currently offering ONLY Virtual TeleHealth sessions and workshops.

Talk to Sherri About These Specialty Areas

Children's Yoga, Eating Disorders, Inner growth and exploration, Mental Health Services, Mindful Self-Compassion, Therapy for those with cancer and cancer survivors



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