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As part of our community you will reach more patients seeking your specialties. You will be a part of a network of peers whose services complement your own, gaining access to resources and referrals previously unavailable to you. We also provide telehealth services giving you better access to your patient than ever before.

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The customization of appointment types is really easy. I love that I can add my own intake forms and export everything to Excel.

– Mike M., Provider

Bottomline, we need a solution like this platform for our customers now more than ever. Customers are trying to figure out how to retain their employees, and how to continue to maintain a great benefits package. More and more employees are seeking alternative care, so this is a solution I’m looking forward to sharing with my customers.

– Kate M., Broker

I wanted to let you know that I just completed my first coaching session using SoulBeing as the platform. It was super easy and went well!

– Kali, P., Provider

As a new business owner and practitioner, it is wonderful to be able to connect with the community, conduct business, and receive referrals! Amazing! Thank you, SoulBeing!

– Leah, C., Provider

Having so many options for care ensure that our employees would have access to some form of support almost immediately if needed, and that’s a huge win in today’s environment.

– Sean F., Employer

This is amazing! Finally, a direct way to navigate health topics and services. The SoulBeing experts have a calm way of discussing personal health topics that puts the other person at ease, with emphasis on careful listening and attention to detail.

– Pam W, Soul Being User

People In Need of Your Services Are Not Finding You

There are many kinds of patients. Some patients know what they need but not where to find it, others are unaware that there are alternative therapies and solutions available for the problems they suffer from, and others who want to be proactive about their health. SoulBeing has created a solution to help any of these patients find your services and the additional support they need for total wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"What are you doing about COVID-19?"

For the indefinite future, all payments for professional memberships have been suspended. To support our community to the best of our ability during this difficult time, we are offering our Professional Services free of charge. Please contact us with any questions,

"How do people hear about SoulBeing?"

People hear about us through inbound and outbound marketing, PR and promotional activities in the healthcare and technology industries, and word of mouth. We have more than 10,000 subscribers to our newsletter. We also actively leverage social media channels and participate in local, national and virtual events, both hosting and attending as industry thought leaders. Best of all, much of our business comes through word of mouth from happy network members and clients.

"I’m concerned about competition, why do you allow more than one professional per category? Why do you encourage peer-to-peer referrals?"

You never know where your next referral is coming from! The health and wellness industry relies heavily upon referrals to generate new business. For some practices referrals represent as much as 80% of their revenue annually. Collaborating with peers enables you to get access to the prospective clients that might not be a good fit for them, but are a perfect fit for you. Also, because each professional specializes in a different area and we represent all therapies, you can receive referrals from your peers in a different therapy category that treat the same condition you do, enabling your clients to take advantage of a holistic approach.

"What is your vetting process for professionals? Are they licensed and do they have credentials?"

The wellness professionals in our network adhered to a strict code of ethics. This includes confirmation that they have licensure, credentials, and insurance to practice their respective profession. Read our Code of Ethics.

"I’ve seen your video interviews. If I don’t have video for my profile, can you help me record one?"

Yes, absolutely! Please email us at to learn more.

While you take care of your patients, SoulBeing helps take care of your business.

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