About SoulBeing™

SoulBeing ™ exists to help bridge the gap between eastern and western approaches to health through one integrated, national network of health service providers. After all, holistic wellness is just another name for preventative healthcare – and there is nothing “woo-woo” about prioritizing your health or the health of the community you serve. At SoulBeing ™, we are committed to helping each person optimize their total health and performance by taking care of the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and soul (hence… SoulBeing ™).

We partner with corporate entities, clinics, and individuals, as well as insurance providers and administrators, to facilitate preventative healthcare and educate all patients about the many options available to them to improve their wellness – and how to afford it!

The SoulBeing community was founded in 2017 with the intention of uniting wellness professionals working toward the same ends, sometimes even on the same patients, in a historically siloed industry.

Today, our mission has expanded to also connect the wellness professional community with the clients that they can best serve. We are passionate about partnering with insurance providers and administrators to facilitate preventative healthcare and educate all healthcare consumers about the many options available to them to improve their wellness.

Our method involves utilizing existing HSA funds and allocated wellness dollars to finance traditional and alternative health services to promote optimum health. We believe that for any given health goal, the best possible outcome can be reached through the combination of a variety of specialized approaches, and we want to help you discover the perfect formula for your specific needs.

Whether you are seeking to combat a certain symptom, condition or disease, or you simply want to improve your overall wellbeing, SoulBeing will:

  • Connect you with qualified and vetted providers in your neighborhood with specialized expertise in your areas of interest
  • Offer personalized recommendations to accomplish your specific health goals
  • Generate necessary documentation for compliance
  • Help facilitate the exchange of services for the funds you’ve already accrued in your HSA account
  • Provide physician support for recommended services and Letters of Medical Necessity for appropriate services for your preventative health goals
  • We are called SoulBeing because we believe preventative healthcare is equal parts body, mind, heart, and soul. With access to our staff of medical professionals and an extensive network of vetted healthcare providers, we are the convenient and holistic solution to preventative health for you and your employees.

Benefits for Healthcare Clients:

  1. A Free Wellness Assessment that recommends therapies based on your current health profile.
  2. Easy to use search that allows you to find a professional in your area that specializes in your condition.
  3. Curated resources and education: including videos, articles, and events that help you navigate your health issues.

Benefits for Wellness Professionals:

  1. Get access to a powerful network of like-minded peers & business resources for your practice to thrive.
  2. Enable thousands of SoulBeing members in the Northeast to find your services.
  3. Receive and give recommendations and referrals, to help gain new clients without paying for advertising.

Our Team

Colleen Kavanagh

Colleen Kavanagh


While building a career supporting high acuity areas of hospitals, Colleen became extremely passionate about preventative health strategies and appropriateness criteria, specifically in regard to avoidance of unnecessary medical procedures and highly addictive prescription regimens. Motivated to help patients and providers navigate a complex world, she focuses on leveraging existing infrastructure to incorporate evidence-based integrated medicine approaches and traditional care pathways in a meaningful and intuitive way. Colleen leads with sustainable growth and dedication to the communities she serves at the heart of every business decision. She is determined to prove that holistic wellbeing of the individual translates directly to measurable ROI for employers, health plans, and ultimately national health spend. Colleen is obsessed with putting good work into the world through the building of business and community.
Dylan Attia

Dylan Attia


Dylan is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur with a passion for digital health and holistic wellness. At SoulBeing, Dylan oversees the company’s growth in the enterprise and employer space and the evolution of our channel partnership strategy. He works closely with our CEO to set the company’s strategic vision and build the best possible team. Prior to joining SoulBeing, Dylan co-founded Safe Passage Health, a healthcare services company specializing in surgical patient monitoring. As Head of Operations, Dylan oversaw a period of rapid growth for Safe Passage, going from zero to 120 employees and serving over 12,000 patients annually. Under Dylan’s leadership, Safe Passage was included in the Inc. 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the US. Dylan lives in Massachusetts and holds a BA in economics from Brandeis University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Lauren Sheffels

Lauren Sheffels

Product Management

As part of the SoulBeing team, Lauren focuses on product development, implementation and provider network growth and support. She loves building products that bring users functional, intuitive technology through teamwork and collaboration. Lauren is an empath through and through and is passionate about building products that enhance the lives of others. Prior to joining SoulBeing, Lauren was a Product Manager at Arcadia.io where she led the quality and risk assessment offerings. She has a background in go-to-market strategy consulting where she helped growing businesses develop achievable plans, execute and scale. Lauren also worked at Boston Medical Center, a large academic medical center, in the trauma department with a focus in quality improvement, marketing, outreach, and referral satisfaction.
Dr. Bill Lewis

Dr. Bill Lewis

MD, MBA – Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Bill Lewis serves as a Senior Medical Advisor for SoulBeing and is a Telemedicine expert for Fortune 500 companies and Care Delivery Organizations. He supports initiatives in organizations such as the American Telemedicine Association and Urgent Care Association of America. He is currently the Chair of the ATA/CHQI Accreditation Committee for Telemedicine. Bill has extensive experience leading large companies and Healthcare organizations such as Humana, Concentra Health Services, and various other Telemedicine, Urgent Care, Worksite and Wellness companies.

Beth Bierbower

Beth Bierbower

Senior Strategic Advisor

Known as a fiscally responsible leader, Beth has developed and executed profitable business growth strategies while creating administrative cost efficiencies. She has a track record of driving internal innovation through new products and services and by creating partnerships with entrepreneurial and technology companies (e.g., Oscar Health, HealthVerity) to deliver leading edge capabilities inside complex organizations. Beth previously served as President of the Group & Specialty Division at Humana, generating over $7B in annual revenue.

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