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Free Online Wellness Meditation with Reiki

November 24, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Free 45-minute online wellness meditation with Reiki will replenish energy, relax the body, quiet the mind, and ground/balance emotions.

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NEW ZOOM LINK from August 25, 2021. Access from Online Event Page after registering.

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During this period of uncertainty and Coronavirus safety precautions, it is critical to find time and ways to manage stress, balance emotions, replenish energy to be grounded and promote well-being for ourselves and loved ones. This free 45-minute online wellness meditation for self-care will focus on replenishing energy and grounding/balancing emotions (both of which will also help will promote well-being while addressing stress/worry). The Reiki Master who is also trained in Traditional Chinese wellness practices will also offer remote/distance blessings to address any specific conditions (for which you can request silently), if you wish to receive the Reiki/energy healing. This session can be done from any location.

Please join from the Online Event Page on Eventbrite.

This wellness meditation can help you to thrive whether you are well or are managing chronic and life threatening conditions. Meditation techniques have been shown to have clinical benefit in reducing stress, managing pain, preventing or reducing depression and anxiety, and improving resilience and overall quality of life.

Please feel free to invite others who can benefit from a mid-week boost!

Thousands of people have used guided meditation for wellness, healing, and to transform their life. You can, too! Experience how making this session a part of your weekly self-care can benefit you!

•Manage and reduce pain

•Find inner peace

•Reduce stress

•Boost your body’s own healing power

•Manage side effects and symptoms

•Heal, bless and transform your life!

Blessings offered to all participants. To request a private consultation, please email:

		Free Online Wellness Meditation with Reiki - Wed. 6:00-6:45 PM EST (GMT -4) image