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How to Overcome Stress and Perform at Your BEST—Portland

October 14, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Learn this powerful 3-step process to overcome stress and anxiety, perform at your best, and begin living the life you’re called to live!


Tired of feeling anxious and stressed out and not living the life you’re really capable of? Discover a sense of deep inner calm and confidence as you step into the greatest version of you possible.


Free 90-minute Workshop (via Zoom)

A workshop designed for heart-centred, success-driven professionals—people doing their utmost to succeed in their demanding career while attempting to balance family and personal life but finding themselves stressed and overwhelmed instead.


It’s not surprising that you feel Exhausted, are headed for Burnout and are just not getting the Results you want if:

  • You’ve been living with stress so long that you feel like it’s controlling your life or its become your norm
  • Your relationships are strained by your “negativity” regardless of how much try to please everyone around you
  • Your health is suffering as you experience chronic muscle tension, headaches or trouble sleeping
  • You crave time for yourself but don’t know how to fit it into your day and when you do find time, you feel guilty about it
  • You’ve tried other methods to manage stress, only to feel even more unhappy and drained with no idea how to ‘fix’ it


Learn how to PERFORM AT YOUR BEST and ELIMINATE STRESS with this simple 3-step process.


This 3-Step process is easy to understand and can be implemented right away! But… this isn’t about setting goals, coming up with an action plan or even about accountability.

While those things are important, this is much DEEPER.

This is about the inner work—about real and lasting transformation. It’s about changing how you think, changing how you relate to your stress and finding that deep sense of presence and peace already inside you. And then it’s about aligning that with your vision to get the results you want and that you are called to in life.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to implement the three steps into your life immediately to see MASSIVE results as quickly as possible.



You’ll learn what these things really mean and how they apply to your life. The 90-minute workshop happens once each month on the second Saturday of the month.

The workshop is interactive so come ready to participate and potentially share in this safe space. Obviously you get out of it what you put into it and while nobody will force you to share, your participation will help you tap into and unlock your greater potential—and the greater potential you utilize… the greater the results in your life.


Imagine what it would be like to overcome stress or anxiety and begin living from a place of true confidence and presence!


What will that do for you? How will you feel when you show up for your loved ones from a place of power—giving your best while feeling your best (instead of remaining stuck in a place of exhaustion, overwhelm and turmoil). Imagine how you’ll turn heads at work with the energy you bring to your meetings and interactions. Picture your friends reactions to the changes in you and how much more loved and appreciated they’ll feel as you become more available—physically and emotionally. And, the best part, you WILL have the energy and INSPIRATION to go beyond what you ever thought possible to the LIFE YOU’RE TRULY CALLED TO.

Without stress ruling your life, your overall best health will be supported—and you’ll see improvements in aches/pains and your sleep as well as reduced anxiety and depression.


In this workshop you’ll gain:

  • Clarity around your vision as well as the true cause of stress
  • What it really means to have Purpose and be Present
  • A Mini Action Plan that will help you start releasing stress immediately for peak performance and more enjoyment
  • A Safe Space in which you can go deeper into your own growth, healing, success and ultimate fulfillment

Join me for this 90-minute interactive workshop to claim your stress-free life!


It’s time for you to live the LIFE you’re MEANT to!


About Shawn K. Carpenter

A transformation coach for over a decade, Shawn uses a combination of different modalities to help you overcome emotional and behavioural patterns such as procrastination, stress, anxiety, and burnout so that you perform at your best, elevating your career and creating the relationships and quality of life they want as you come home to your (true) SELF. This includes elements of Strategic Intervention (founded by Tony Robbins) which draws from methodologies such as Ericksonian therapy, human needs psychology, and strategic family therapy as well as approaches favoured in Compassionate Inquiry®, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.

As a lifelong artist, Shawn is filled with such tremendous passion every time he puts paint to canvas. There is something indescribable, something beyond words, that comes alive in him. This is a powerful, creative, peaceful and intensive expression of Awareness. And in his art, as in his sessions, it is about being inspired toward our true nature.

It is about joy, love, bliss, and the beautiful things in life.

It is also about facing those parts of us—the painful, dark places we’d rather suppress, project and hide from—bringing them into the light so that they can be integrated and we can become whole so that we can experience life as the miracle it is.

It is about going inward to realize our true nature.

You can experience the breakthroughs you need in your life and live the life you desire at the deepest levels. The life you’re called to live.

You can be successful, powerful and at peace.

You can be FREE.

Here’s what people are saying about Shawn:

“It’s been an amazing two weeks since our last session! I’m using the strategies—everything you’ve shown me so far—and I’m experiencing some incredible breakthroughs because of it! Thank you, Shawn!”

“These sessions have been absolutely amazing! I’m blown away by how much calmer I’m starting to feel—every session… and how you’re helping me to make friends with my anxiety. I’m starting to be able to feel it in my body without it taking me over… and there is a real sense of peace with that. Thank you.”

“Our session today was amazing! I’m blown away by how much calmer I am. I was so stressed out at the start of the session I almost cancelled. I’m sooooo glad I didn’t! I feel peaceful. Stronger. Like I can go out and tackle all of this.. and that Life supports me as I do. Thank you Shawn!”

“Thank you so much for today’s session—I really needed that. I can’t talk to anyone else about all of this, ut I feel supported and safe with you. I look forward to every session with you because I know you’ll help me to face and feel these really difficult emotions and situations that I just didn’t want to face. I know there is so much more to work on… and that I can count on you to be there for me.”

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Portland, ME 04101 United States