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Portland: 2024-Awaken Kundalini Energy-Free 21 Day Meditation

January 27 @ 8:45 pm - 9:45 pm

Seeking new horizons and self discovery? Try Online Kundalini inner energy awakening 21 Day course. Followed by in-person meditation retreat

Why 21 days meditation for Kundalini Awakening?

Little by little we practice every day to cleanse our inner subtle system using the powerful yet gentle techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This is a spiritual meditation in which we awaken the inner energy called Kundalini that gently brings positive change within us– making us more balanced, peaceful and joyful. As you participate in daily classes, you will notice physical, emotional and spiritual healing. With pure desire you may also feel Kundalini movement and its working on your fingertips and other physical manifestations. It will enable to raise your consciousness to higher dimension. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is volunteer run, always free and practiced in more than 100 countries.

No prior meditation or Kundalini awakening experience is needed.

Are you truly seeking Kundalini awakening?

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Who is organizing this course?

A team of Sahaja Yoga meditation volunteers practicing and teaching ‘Sahaja Yoga‘ meditation for decades. Sahaja Yoga meditation was discovered and invented by ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi‘ in 1970, who in a very Motherly fashion helped people to take to true meditation in an easy way and connect straight to the Divinity and experience within us the universal consciousness. It is practiced in more than 100 countries and is always free. The course page is listed below. You need not register on it again.

D id you hear about Sahaja Yoga meditation before?

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Is it really free?

S ahaja Yoga meditation is always free. This 21 days course from 27th January to 17th February, 8:45 PM is as such completely free. The only charge is your dedication and sincerity of purpose for your growth. The only question is-

Do we have sincerity of purpose?


How to join?

or Zoom id: 2121217171

Same Zoom link from 27th January to 17th February.

Have you joined any kind of Zoom meetings before?


After the Online course?

Two day in-person meditation retreats are arranged in suitable locations after the completion of online course and follow-up. They provide wholesome and deeply healing experience. As Sahaja Yoga meditation is always free, there are virtually no charges for retreat.

Have you attended any meditation reteat before?


What if I miss a day here and there?

Don’t worry if you miss any class, we will help you make up on Sunday during one-to-one. Also, on website daily recordings will be available.

W ill that be enough to help you out with missed class?

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How to get more out of the course?

1. Ask questions at the end of the Zoom session or in the WhatsApp group.

2. Share experiences

3. Demand one-to-one help that we arrange at the end of the session. It is provided in Zoom breakout room.

4. This is an experiential course whereby you will get new kinds of experience you have never gotten before. Try out simple exercises we will share every day.

A nything else we could do to be helpful?

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What happens in these 21 Days?

Week 1 Theme: Awaken the Kundalini energy & Know Thyself

Week 2 Theme: Spiritual Ascent & Chakras

Week 3 Theme: Nirchivarita (thoughtlessness) through meditation

Y ou believe you can be thoughtless?

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Will I be contacted before the course starts?

We will share weekly meditation tips and exercise to help bring our ‘attention’ inside. Our attention is normally roving and bouncing on everything other than ourselves. We also share Google calendar invites so that that start date is not missed out in the hustle and bustle of life.

Y ou mind getting reminder?

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What if I have a question?

For any questions about the course please contact Bhargava at or WhatsApp +15132038961

Have we shared sufficient information for you to decide to join the free course?

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Kundalini Awakening

I bow to All the Seekers of Truth. This is a special time in the History of Creation that so many seekers have been born on this Earth. They have realized that there is something beyond than the mundane life they have to seek. This is not the seeking of one life. It is the seeking of ages which is being prophesied, has to be fulfilled now. There have been prophesies and prophesies about this great time. In India about 14,000 years back, Brigu Muni has written a book called Nadi Grant in which He has described you all saying that a day that will come when all these greater seekers, great seekers will be born on this Earth and that their Kundalini which is the Power of their True Desire will be awakened spontaneously and they’ll find out what they are.

But also there has been prophesies about many fake people coming on this Earth and they will try to delude and take people away from the truth.

There have been also great prophesies all over the world but especially in England about hundred years back a great poet called William Blake was born and He has written so clearly, so clearly about Sahaja Yoga that it is surprising how He has even exactly mentioned the house where I’ll be staying. Also that he has said that the men of God, meaning the seekers, the men of God will become prophets and they will have the power to make others prophets. This is the sign we should take when we are seeking the truth.

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Founder – Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Bring in your friends and families too to this course 🙂

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