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Denise M. Simpson, M.Ed., specializes in helping adults to succeed with a courageous heart, confidence, and charisma creating health, money/businesses, love. Denise facilitates transformation so you transcend everyday problems to manifest and achieve. She is committed to the best results for her clients. She’s an expert in the Tapping Into Wealth™ program facilitating transformation for people who want to live life on their own terms with confidence, empowerment, and blockbuster breakthroughs of their money, health, and success mindsets. Denise has won global training awards, is recognized by her coaching peers for her expertise, lovingly supports growth whether it's with your life purpose, starting/growing a business, dealing with workplace harassment, depression, taxes, or writing/editing a book....and so much more. Learning Tapping saved her life and becoming an Evolutionary Meditation Facilitator is allowing her to live it.

Business Overview
Denise gets results in Health, Wealth, Relationships for entrepreneurs, busy adults wanting to succeed in life. Tapping, Meditation, Hypnosis, and other tools used via phone globally or in-person NH.

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Fatigue, Pain Management, Stress
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