Ginger Drew

Ginger Soul Photography

1619 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME, USA


You know that moment when an image stops you in your tracks? When it strikes something within and sticks with you? Or when an image resonates with that restless part of you that seeks truth, and inspires you to live fuller? It’s as if it’s speaking to you, calling you to reach for your better self. I capture these opportunities to reveal your fun, your love, your playfulness, and the magic that comes when your nerves fade and your light takes center stage. After all, no one can be better at being you than you.

It’s in this spirit that I embrace life with laughter and meaning. Each promise, each experience, each relationship shapes us, stirs us, guides us to the next, and leaves us stronger, wiser and changed. Even our worst moments make us that much more unbeatable.

Business Overview
Story telling, life affirming, self empowering, soul boosting, personally curated images that reveal the awe inspiring uniqueness of your inner light.
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Anxiety, Depression, Life, Self Care, Women
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