Jean C McCutcheon MA, LMHC

Potentia - Lifestyle Coaching

720 Washington Street, Hanover, MA, USA


My name is Jean Mccutcheon and I am a Lifestyle Coach, which means I address the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual aspects of my clients' lives. Working together within this context allows my clients to fully integrate all parts of their being for a greater understanding of how each aspect creates the whole. Increases self-awareness and being empowered to create lives of meaning and impact is a great benefit to this approach.

Business Overview
Potentia Lifestyle Coaching provides integrative life coaching which addresses the main components that make up a persons life - Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual. This Coaching service is provided to individuals and for businesses who understand the value of how coaching provides for clients the opportunity to be their best selves - personally AND professionally

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Anxiety, Communication, Health, Life, Meditation, Mental health, Nutrition, Retreat, Wellness
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