Stephanie Rittenour

Parker River Chiropractic & Wellness

95 Parker Street, Newburyport, MA, USA


I am a pediatric and perinatal certified chiropractor who works on people of all ages. I pride myself on tailoring your treatment to meet your specific needs. I also practice functional/biochemical medicine, which looks at your body's biochemical processes and the use of dietary/supplement modification to obtain optimal function. I also work with patients to address Sensory processing disorders, ADD/ADHD. I am a mother of two and have a very family friendly office.

Business Overview
Chiropractic care for the entire family along with functional/biochemical medicine, pediatric care, prenatal/postnatal care and sensory processing disorders.
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Arthritis, Headaches, Migraines, Pain Management, Pregnancy, Stress, Thyroid Conditions
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