Sunshine Beeson

InSpiral Iridology & Alchemy Hypnotherapy

40 Estabrook Road, Carlisle, MA, USA


Certified in Iridology - Dr. Bernard Jensen
Institute of Behavioral Iridology
Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnotherapy
Somatic Healing
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Bach Flower Essences

Business Overview
I'm Sunshine Beeson and my business of 35yrs is InSpiral Iridology and Alchemy Hypnotherapy. Iridology is an innovative assessment tool used to analyze the iris of the eye for health conditions. It shows your personal blueprint of current and hereditary predispositions. I specialize in helping people ages 25 - 60 obtain peace, freedom and exuberant health, by getting to the root cause of issues.

Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm
Occasional Saturdays

Talk to Sunshine About These Specialty Areas
Allergies, Anxiety, Cleanse, Couples Counseling, Fatigue, Headaches, Health, Herbs, Insomnia, Meditation, Nutrition, Relationship Counseling, Self Care, Stress, Thyroid Conditions
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