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WEBINAR – Fertility Innovations: New Solutions for Future Choices

April 15, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us for our FemTech webinar in April in which we will discuss the latest innovations in the fertility space!

About this Event

Around 1 in 7 couples in the UK have difficulty conceiving. Fertility has become a global reproductive health issue, but it still remains a taboo. The stigma around it prevents individuals and couples from accessing information about different fertility options, fertility tracking devices, apps, or fertility treatments.

FemTech is one of the fastest-growing health industries at the moment estimated to reach $50 billion by 2025, and fertility as a sector will continue to drive the growth of the industry in 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the latest innovations in the fertility space, the current challenges the industry and the patients are experiencing, how has the pandemic affected the patients and the treatments, what is the future of fertility, and what new options and trends we will be seeing in the future.


6:30pm – Webinar starts

6.30 – 6.35pm – Women of Wearables – 5-minute presentation

6.35 – 6.45pm – The Fertility Partnership – 5-minute presentation

6.45 – 8.00pm – Panel discussion + Q&A

8.00pm – Webinar finishes



Moderated by Mimi Billing, Senior reporter at Sifted

Mimi is a journalist writing for the European startup site, backed by Financial Times, where she focuses on European health tech and innovation in the Nordics. She also moderates talks for Sifted as well as running external events and panels. Previously she worked at Di Digital where she ran events such as Di Startup Tour and Di Female Founders. She also contributed to the podcasts Digitalpodden and Di Startup Stories. In addition to her studies in journalism, Mimi holds a BA in Business and an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy. Before journalism, she worked as a management consultant at Accenture in London.

Chakameh Shafii, Director of Digital Experience at The Fertility Partnership

Chakameh Shafii is a digital health leader and entrepreneur currently working at The Fertility Partnership (TFP) as the director of the digital experience where she and her team are revolutionizing women’s health care. Back in 2015 Chakameh founded one of the first Telehealth products in Canada connecting people with psychologists via video. Today, TFP is building a range of exciting products including DIA. With DIA, Chakameh has the vision of empowering women to own their journey and better understand their bodies and their options.

Tony Chen, Founder and CEO of Fertifa

Tony Chen is the founder and CEO of Fertifa, a London-based company named after its mission of providing “Fertility For All”, and is one of the pioneers in this space in the U.K. (and Europe). Tony founded Fertifa with the single aim of making fertility care more accessible, inclusive and affordable for everyone. He has international commercial expertise across the UK and China.Tony has previously held positions at JP Morgan and Bernstein Research. He holds a BSc & MSc from the London School of Economics and CFA Charter Holder.

Lisa Krapinger, Chief Marketing Officer at Carbomed Medical Solutions

Lisa Krapinger is a Chief Marketing Officer at Carbomed Medical Solutions, the company behind breathe ilo – the world’s first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window in a way that is easy and comfortable. breathe ilo is a small handheld device synced to an app that reads the breath’s CO2 saturation to determine where a woman is in her cycle with incredible accuracy and can be done at any time of the day. Launched in 2019, breathe ilo is an Austrian female empowerment tech start-up on a mission to break the taboo which surrounds speaking out about trying to conceive and cycle-tracking.

Yael Gold-Zamir, Co-founder and CEO at Embryonics

Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir is the co-founder and CEO at Embryonics. Embryonics is bringing novel artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the world of IVF. Despite the market increasing steadily, success rates have disappointingly plateaued (~25%.) Taking a holistic approach, the company is committed to addressing the reasons behind this with its team of expert computer engineers, medics and biologists. They design deep learning neural networks to improve the most critical decisions along the process, utilizing Big Data to service those in need. By improving and simplifying the process, Embryonics hopes to make IVF safer, cheaper, more accessible and above all more successful. In short, the company aims to bring reproductive autonomy to parents in need.


* This event is organised by Women of Wearables in partnership with The Fertility Partnership

 WEBINAR - Fertility Innovations: New Solutions for Future Choices image


The Fertility Partnership is an international group of fertility clinics and globally renowned IVF specialists. They have been providing their patients with the industry-leading expertise, care, and compassion that’s made them market-leaders across Europe for 35 years, with some of the highest success rates in Europe and the UK. They are now launching a mobile application to empower women in all age groups through data.


Women of Wearables (WoW) is a leading global organisation aiming to inspire, connect and support women and diverse founders and technologists in wearable tech, fashion tech, smart textiles, IoT, health tech and VR/AR.

With headquarters in London (UK) and more than 20,000 members located around the globe, WoW has become a global movement that supports its growing community through events, mentorship, educational programs and collaboration with its network of local collaborators and partners. Our members are startup founders, designers, technologists, industry experts, researchers, bloggers, journalists, investors and many more.

Our community is open to anyone who is affiliated with and interested in emerging technologies such as wearable tech, fashion tech, health tech and IoT. WoW is not just for professional women, but for anyone with an interest in wearable technology and providing women with a platform for growth.


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