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Achieving The Holistic Health Of Your Business

Sep 6, 2018 | General | 0 comments

As a wellness professional, you are tirelessly devoted to helping your clients or patients think about their health holistically and improve their overall wellbeing. Are you doing the same for your business? To ensure that your business thrives, you need a business strategy that finds a balanced approach to managing and measuring multiple components of your practice.

Often times it can be difficult to focus on the business aspect of working with clients, because as professionals we are intent on providing the best care. To simplify, here are 3 weekly things you can do in each category to continuously improve and position your practice for success.

Physical: Is most closely tied with financial goals for your business, as well as maintaining and exceeding break even to fund growth.
1. Productivity – this includes number of clients seen and billable revenue.
2. Accounts Receivable – aging, net change, and bills out.
3. Projections – Four-week appointment outlook

Mental: Includes all aspects of sales & marketing, including cost to acquire new clients.
1. Pipeline by stage – prospects and the patient lifecycle
2. Outbound – blog posts, social media, email campaigns
3. New Client on boarding – delivering best in class service and retaining clients

Social: This is about values for your organization and the community you build around your practice.
1. Team 1:1’s – meeting regularly with your staff so everyone is aligned
2. Client e-survey with three questions – creating a feedback loop.
3. Rate your week – Are you having fun yet? Keep yourself motivated by focusing on what’s positive.

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