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Mar 19, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Hi!  My name is Jessica Fromuth and I am a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and years of intensive clinical training.  My office is right on Main Street in downtown Yarmouth.  Lately people have been asking me what acupuncture is good for.  Here’s my answer to that question. 

            It seems that most people know that acupuncture is good for treating pain of all kinds.  Many of my patients have pain relief as their primary goal when they first come to see me. It is only after these issues are resolved that we turn to treating other things like sinusitis, painful menstrual cycles, peripheral neuropathy, anxiety and digestive disorders.  The truth is acupuncture is good for almost everything.  Chinese medicine — of which acupuncture is one branch — is a comprehensive system designed to treat all body systems, just like western medicine.  Just recently I have helped patients with skin rashes, headaches, post-surgery recovery, asthma, insomnia and depression.  Depending on the issue, acupuncture can help in a variety of ways from resolving the issue altogether to alleviating chronic symptoms and slowing the progress of a chronic disease.  (See “Conditions Treated” page on for a partial list).

            Acupuncture also works well even if you don’t have a western diagnosis for your symptoms.  As acupuncturists we are looking at a different set of factors to determine how to treat someone.  All I need is for you to describe your symptoms to me and I can begin to help you.  So all those folks out there who are struggling with various undiagnosed issues don’t need to wait until it gets “figured out”.  They can start acupuncture and get relief right away!

            Acupuncture also treats things that western medicine can’t help with.  In fact, that is one of the most common scenarios for my patients.  They come to me after they have already tried everything that western medicine has to offer.  And the good news is that most of the time I can help them.

            And lastly, acupuncture is powerful because it is also designed to be preventive. The idea is that if you keep things functioning well to start with, you won’t develop problems in the first place.  And if you do develop problems, the earlier you start treatment the more potential there is for improvement.  In Chinese medicine all health related events occur on a continuum, nothing “comes out of nowhere.”   There are always predisposing factors that show up and progress before the “symptoms” finally appear.  As acupuncturists we are trained to discern what those predisposing factors are and to treat them before they become problems.

            To find out more call me today for a free consultation.  I am always happy to discuss your particular situation either over the phone or in person!  If you want to know more about my training, background, experience and approach, check out my website which has lots of information.  If you don’t find what you are looking for there, just give me a call.  207-776-9673.  I look forward to talking with you!


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