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Healing Coronavirus Symptoms

Mar 31, 2020 | General, Wellness | 0 comments

Li Zheng of Boston Chinese Acupuncture shares a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture based approach to treating virus-induced inflammation.

The coronavirus stimulates our immune system to release a lot of chemicals, which induces a super strong inflammation. A lot of thick mucus accumulates in the lungs and quickly damages the lung function. If we have balanced immune system and no chronic inflammation in our upper respiratory system, we may not have severe symptoms even we are carrying the coronavirus. On the other hand, if we consume too much spicy food, nuts, high salt food and sweets or drink alcohol daily, our lungs tend to have a lot of phlegm accumulation, we will tend to have chronic inflammation in our upper respiratory system. Once we are dehydrated and have a higher histamine level, the virus will survive longer in the airway and trigger a very strong immune reaction: a lot of mucus accumulation in your lung, causing sudden loss of the lung function. By the time, people started having difficulty breathing, they already lost majority of their lung function because our lungs have tremendous capability to compensate.

When people have chronic coughing or imbalanced immune and lung function, Chinese herbs can help clear up the phlegm and balance the immune function, so the inflammation will not be too strong. Certain herbs can help improve your lung function in the early stage of the virus infection. For the past few months, Chinese Herbalists from different parts of China went to Wu Han and have been using Chinese herbs in helping people to protect their lung function in the early stage of coronavirus infection. Amazingly, all the doctors from other cities did not get virus infection when they were trying to help people in Wu Han. They followed strict protocol to protect themselves and also take Chinese herbs to balance their immune function and reduce the stress.

Boca Chinese Acupuncturists have been using Chinese herbs to help people with chronic coughing, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma to balance their immune function. Boca Acupuncturist and Herbalist have been using herbs to prevent virus infection by strengthening your lung, liver and kidney function for the past 27 years. If you have flu like symptoms, please do not ignore them. Go to to get an online consultation about using Chinese herbs and life style changes to prevent from this deadly virus infection. Preventative method is always more effective when you can eat certain kind of food to balance your immune function.

The following Chinese herbs are common to treat the virus infection: Pu Gong Ying, Da Huang, Shi Gao30, Zhi Mu10, Gan Cao10, Huang Lian10, Huang Qin10, Niu Bang Zi10, Ban Lan Gan30, Xuan Shen10, Jin Yin Hua10, Lian Qiao10, Chen Pi10, Po He10, Jie Geng10, Chai Hu20. Most of the herbs are clearing the internal heat so the inflammation will not be too strong or too long. In the mean time, we need to avoid the food, which produces the internal heat such as spicy food, alcohol, chocolate, sweets and too much dairy product.  Also avoid any food that induces too much histamine release, which can also make the inflammation, linger for longer time. Those foods include nuts, wine, chocolate and some seeds.


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