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Introducing Holistic Health Approaches To Prevent Disease

Aug 9, 2018 | General | 0 comments

Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), chronic conditions account for more than 70% of deaths in the US each year, the overwhelming majority of which can be treated and/or prevented through lifestyle changes?

Because of these unmanaged diseases saturating our communities, more than 75% of our national health care spend goes directly toward handling preventable and treatable chronic conditions, redirecting resources which could otherwise be spent on R&D for currently incurable, non-preventable diseases and associated patient care.

The CDC concludes that there is a tangible opportunity to introduce holistic health approaches as a solution to these inequities. Today, however, there are real hurdles preventing healthcare consumers from taking control of their own health and pursuing holistic wellness, including:
· Lack of education
· Poor access to resources
· Inefficient options available to approach cross-functional management of overall health

SoulBeing is committed to overcoming these obstacles, by bringing patients to Wellness professionals in one organized, accessible online platform. Through providing the only full-service solution exclusively dedicated to making it easy for professionals to connect with target clientele and enabling health and wellness through your services in the community.  Explore therapies to learn more about preventative options.

Soul Being provides a preventative healthcare platform that unites the wellness community through one integrated, digital tool. Our goal is to provide a portal for empowered management of personal health and professional wellness services through an easy and intuitive interface that connects consumers and providers.

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