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Doing the Foundational Work – Newsletter: February 2022

Feb 16, 2022 | Blog, Newsletter | 0 comments

February is a month associated with love of all kinds: self-love, romantic love, love of family and friends. As I reflect on the things that February teaches us, themes such as “patience,” “finding the silver lining,” and “doing the foundational work” come to mind. Whether it is getting stronger in preparation for the warmer months ahead, finding excuses to shower yourself and those around with love and kindness, or simply getting out of your warm bed on dark and cold winter mornings, February is full of opportunities to make the most of each day both for the sake of the present and for the future.

Here in Maine, where I call home, the shortest month of the year can also feel like a very long month. It’s cold, often gray, and any hints of the spring to come are fleeting at best. But there is so much to be excited about this month. From Melanie Lynskey shutting down body shamers disparaging her “health,” to the Black History Month roundtable taking place at the White House highlighting the importance and significance of Black leadership in key policy areas, not to mention the epic performance that was the Superbowl halftime show, February has already shown us that there is plenty to get excited about.

In fact, we are extremely excited this month to have been featured in Employee Benefits News, talking with their team about the importance of alternative and complementary medicine services as a central part of the discussion about employee health and well-being. This article also explores how these services are helping drive cost avoidance while improving quality of life for patients in every area of health and wellness.

Employees are demanding more whole-person support, including personalized solutions that also benefit their families, while at the same time Employers are looking for new solutions that demonstrate employee support and supplement their health plan in a meaningful way. The conversations we’re having with employers and brokers this month are thoughtful, strategic, and full of empathy for the teams they support. We are fired up for the rest of February, how about you?

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