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SoulBeing to Expand “Care for the Caregiver” Initiative Through New Client Relationship with The Dempsey Center

Jan 25, 2024 | Client Announcement, Press Release, Testimonials | 1 comment

This partnership expands access to healthcare services available as an employee benefit.

PORTLAND, MEJanuary 25th, 2024SoulBeing, the world’s first complementary and alternative medicine network focused on whole-person health, today announced that they have been selected by the Dempsey Center to provide holistic care options and deliver easy care navigation to the Dempsey Center employees and their families.

Through this partnership, the Dempsey Center is solidifying its commitment to supporting its team by embracing innovation in the healthcare benefits space and supplementing their existing health plan with additional evidence-based health and wellness options.

“The Dempsey Center can only continue to provide the remarkable level of care and service that we are known for if we find new, robust ways to support our people providing this care to our community,” said Lauren Danie-Briggs, Director of People and Talent for the Dempsey Center. “Partnering with SoulBeing demonstrates our commitment to doing just that, and our staff are excited about this new benefit.”

The SoulBeing platform will now be available to employees of The Dempsey Center and their dependents, offering on-demand access to a network of services from conventional, complementary, and alternative healthcare providers. With over 50 care categories including acupuncture, functional medicine, naturopathic doctors, nutrition support, mental health providers, and many more, the goal of adding SoulBeing to an employee benefits strategy is to make it easy for employees to manage their overall health, both in-person and virtually.

“It’s unsurprising that we are finding such incredible partners in the Not-For-Profit space,” says SoulBeing CEO, Colleen Kavanagh. “Leadership at the Dempsey Center sees clearly both the unique requirements of supporting a team of caregivers, as well as the individual needs of each of their valued employees. We’re honored to have the opportunity to help them support their team.”

About SoulBeing

SoulBeing is reimagining a healthcare infrastructure that incorporates every facet of health and wellness into one intuitive experience. By providing access to a high-quality network of complementary and alternative service providers, SoulBeing is focused on supplementing health plans and benefits packages to provide comprehensive healthcare options to their clients. Our provider care navigation platform integrates with strategic care partners as well as employee benefits plans offering a digital marketplace of more than fifty (50) categories of evidence-based therapies (examples include: acupuncture, massage, fitness, nutrition services, functional medicine, naturopathy, mental health counseling, and many more). Featuring care navigation, scheduling, and payment capability conducted through a HIPAA-compliant platform, SoulBeing ensures that these services are more logistically and financially accessible to employees and their families, whether they are focused on preventative health, chronic condition management, or anything in between. For more information, please visit

About The Dempsey Center

Founded by actor Patrick Dempsey in 2008, the Dempsey Center provides personalized and comprehensive cancer care at no cost. After watching his mother’s journey with ovarian cancer, actor and Maine native Patrick Dempsey wanted to make a space where those impacted by cancer could find relief, comfort, and resources. The Dempsey Center opened its doors in 2008 and today provides care and support to hundreds of individuals and their families. Today, the Dempsey Center operates two locations in Lewiston and South Portland, Maine; offers a hospitality home for no-cost stays in Portland, Maine; and provides virtual personalized programming including counseling, support groups, nutrition, integrative therapies, movement and fitness, and more—all at no cost. For more information, please visit

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  1. Eric Friedman

    This seems to be a new direction in overall healthcare and wellness. If employers truly care about their staff and want to retain them, this is where the benefits programs should be focused. The Dempsey Center should be commended for recognizing the importance of this concept and SoulBeing should be celebrated for their contributions to the healthcare industry!


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