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The Gut-Brain Axis

Jan 29, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Health priorities are changing!

We all want to feel well and the focus of what that means today has evolved for many from the standard of the past 15 years. In January 2019 Barnes and Noble revealed mental health books outsold diet and exercise books[1]. “In a recent shift, books focused on mental well-being are far outpacing titles addressing exercise and dieting,” said Liz Harwell, Barnes & Noble’s senior director of merchandising for trade books.

Mental wellness is leading the list of health priorities.

How do you get there? Here are 3 important things to know about mental wellness.

  1. How you feel is not just in your head – it’s also in your gut – the 2nd brain.
  2. Our 2nd brain includes the microbiome and plays a major role in mental wellness.
  3.  You can do something naturally to improve your mental wellness today.

When faced with mental wellness challenges like stress, tension, depression, fatigue, confusion, brain fog, anger, and low energy most people treat it as a brain problem. However, in most cases this doesn’t address the root issue. What we now know based on emerging science is our 2nd brain (gut and microbiome) has a powerful influence on what’s happening to our mental wellness. The microbiome consists of over 1,000 different species of bacteria and over 20 million bacterial genes weighing between three and four pounds. What we put in our bodies (nutrition and supplementation) and how we treat our bodies (exercise, sleep, stress management) affects the microbiome, which in turn affects our mind and other crucial bodily systems. The microbiome communicates with the brain via the gut-brain axis to regulate health, weight, immune response, digestive function, mood, and overall mental wellness. It’s a multi-faceted system requiring a multi-faceted solution to address all three components.

  • gut
  • brain
  • gut-brain axis

My approach with people is based on a proven system that makes SENSE. I leverage a program called Project b3 which focuses on restoring your body, brain and biome – the critical elements to your mental wellness. SENSE stands for:

  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Evaluation

This is a program of enjoyment versus one of deprivation. Addressing the body’s physical state first is key. If your physical body is unbalanced or under nourished, no amount of “will-power” will get you past cravings, low energy, lack of motivation, brain fog and other common obstacles. We’ll first reboot your body to rebalance and jump-start your journey. Your nutrition focuses on eating a balance of protein, carbs, fat and fiber. To fill in nutritional gaps we supplement to help restore gut health and feed our brains. You’ll find your mental wellness will start to improve and the next steps become easier.

Exercise simply means enhancing your lifestyle with activity and movement doing something you enjoy. (For me it’s a brisk walk with the dogs.) Next we learn stress management techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation and proper sleep habits. Each component builds upon the next adding more enjoyment and wellness to your life. We constantly evaluate and adjust throughout the program to ensure it fits your lifestyle.

This is a program designed for life. It’s not a weight-loss challenge, a diet gimmick or a fad. It’s a wellness program designed to create a sustainable YOU! What results can you expect? A 30 day clinical study showed:

  • Lower confusion by 43%
  • Lower tension by 45%
  • Lower anger by 54%
  • Lower depression by 55%
  • Lower fatigue by 64%
  • Increased physical energy, mental sharpness, and emotional wellbeing by 44%
  • Reduced cravings and improved body composition plus fat loss

Imagine having your positive mood states increase by almost 50% and your negative mood states decrease by about 50% or more in just 30 days! Now imagine this for a lifetime!

You deserve to feel well. Whatever journey you’re on let’s see how we can take that down a path of positive mental wellness. As my personal gift to you please click to take a confidential Mental Wellness Assessment. It’ll give you a baseline of where you are today and together we can set a goal for tomorrow.

Be well.



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